Schedule Manager needed for LYSA

Starting ASAP, LYSA is in need of a SCHEDULE MANAGER. cropped-73372_169218256427780_554956_n.jpg

This position requires a person to arrange for the use of home fields for all LYSA authorized events — practice, games, training, etc.

This person would also be required to develop a field schedule for all LYSA in-house and travel team home games, as well as develop a field schedule for all team practice sessions.

Additionally, they must coordinate schedules for other games and events as directed by the Board; and coordinate all reschedules for home games.

This position also requires manager to attend the once-a-month LYSA Board meetings held at the Village Administration Building.

Lastly, for the person who agrees to serve as the Schedule Manager for LYSA, his/her child of soccer-playing-age will be allowed to do so FREE OF CHARGE!

3 thoughts on “Schedule Manager needed for LYSA

  1. sherry king

    My grandson had a soccer game in Lagrange at 11:30 Saturday 8/17/19. He plays for Sheffield lake. We had the best referee ever. He was super great with the players. What a great experience.


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