Team Commitments:

LYSA must report to the county how many teams they will have in the fall season. This is why it is important for you to register early. Each team has a limited number of roster spots available. If we don’t have enough registrations to fill multiple teams, the kids registered last won’t have a roster spot. For example, U7 and U8 teams are allowed 10 players on their roster. We will take the first 10 players registered and place on a team. If we have 2 additional players register, they will not be permitted to play UNLESS we can roster another team with a minimum of 7 players.

Number of players by age group:
U7 & U8 – 5v5 with a maximum of 10 players per roster
U9 & U10 – 6v6 with a maximum of 12 players per roster
U11 & U12 – 8v8 with a maximum of 14 players per roster
U13/U14/U15 – 11v11 with a maximum of 18 players per roster

Rosters are due:
LYSA must deliver all registration forms to the Lorain County Registrar. Any changes to the roster after this date will result in late fees. If you do not make the set cut-off date, you will be charged to cover these fess.

Registration is annual:

Players must register every fall for the upcoming soccer season. Rosters will stay the same in the spring, only changing if a child chooses not to play or if there are roster spots available to add players.

What do I need to register:
-Registration form
-birth certificate
-current photo level U9 and up

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